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Film Works

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「NHK’s Journey’s in Japan - Tamba-Sasayama: Inn to the Heart of a Village」 Disconnect from the daily grind in the former castle town of Tamba-Sasayama where gourmet meals made with local ingredients are prepared in traditional farmhouses tucked into the forest.

Shot for NHK World.
Directors: Yuya Morimoto and Takase Atsushi
Producer: Ichihara Shigeru
Executive Producer: Hikita Takako
Featured Talent: Vincent Ng
Narrator: Bill Sulivan
Director of Photography: Minechika Endo
Sound: Wanibe Shota
Sound Effects: Inomata Koichi
Script Advisor: Kate Klippensteen

「NEW The City Kobe Barbershop」
“The City Kobe” Barbershop take its talented crew to a new location,
providing the freshest haircuts in town.

Shot for The City Kobe barbershop located at Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture.
Director of Photography & Editor : Minechika Endo

Cast: Yusuke, Bryan, Joe & Taro

「Seikado」 Seventh-generation tin crafts master who continues his family business in a town of Kyoto, where tradition and modernization coexists. The film features the magical art of tin craft with stunning backdrop of everyday Kyoto.

Shot for Japan Film Commission.
Director: Alexander Sebastien Lee
Producer: Yuka Kato & Takaharu Inagaki
Associate Producer: Tetsuhide Mitsumine
Seikado Owner: Genbei Yamanaka VII
Director of Photography: Sina Engin & Minechika Endo
Editor: Noriko Sakamoto
Interviewer/Fixer: Chika Inoue

「Isezaki Bizen Ware Pottery」
Bizen pottery is known for its practically, simplicity and feeling of spontaneity.
The colors and textures that appear on the surface greatly vary and yet unglazed it is also humble in appearance.
Each piece is unique and utterly original as its creation process surrenders itsel to the whimsical interplay of clay and fire produced by pine wood firing for well over 10days. Bizen is the only traditional pottery production center whose chimney’s smoke hasn’t stopped for more than 1000years. It has been designated as an important part of japan’s cultural heritage.

Shot for Okayama prefecture based Bizen ware potter Kyo Isezaki.
Director of Photography & Editor: Minechika Endo

「The City Kobe Barbershop」
A glimpse of the everyday hustle of Kobe City’s best barbers.

Shot for The City Kobe barbershop located at Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture.
Director of Photography & Editor : Minechika Endo

「Why Do I Dream?」
A short film about one young man finding his purpose through his gifting.

Shot for Infinity Media Japan
Director: Luke Kennedy
Director of Photography: Minechika Endo
Sound Recordist (day Play): Shota Wanibe